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One of our new electrically powered tour boats. De Rietveld has an attractive light interior with a set-up of a fixed bench, you can also sit around here. With this ship we can sail in and around Utrecht.

Just like the Sterboot, the Rietveld is also very suitable for smaller groups, we can provide catering on board.

Maximum capacity

Without catering – 30

With catering – 20

1 hour € 350,00
1½ hours € 450,00
2 hours € 550,00
2½ hours € 650,00
3 hours € 750,00
3½ hours € 850,00
4 hours € 900,00
Every next half hour By request

There is an evening surcharge of €39.95 per hour and €20.00 per half hour, which start at 6:00 PM.

We can also provide snacks and drinks on this ship. Ask about the possibilities, also look at our catering page.