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Combiticket museum

Before or after sailing, go to a museum for the ultimate day out? Rederij Schuttevaer offers options for young and old to enjoy themselves all day long in our beautiful city!

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Please note: the museums in Utrecht are closed on Mondays!

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One-hour cruise in combination with a visit to the Speelklok museum:


Adults € 21,50
Children( 4 – 12) € 13,75

Private tour: € 70,00

Museum speelklok

Museum Speelklok takes you into the wonderful world of the centuries-old self-playing musical instruments and shows you surprising and cheerful music every day from all corners of the museum.

While doing and listening you learn more about the ancient instruments. From the smallest music box to the largest dance and street organs.

Reservation is not necessary


The Railway Museum is not just a museum. It is a fascinating place where you discover how the train has changed the world. With a lifelike station, a theater, exciting attractions and with changing exhibitions and events, you are always on the right track!

A reservation is required for this museum



One-hour cruise plus a visit to the Railway Museum


Adults € 29,50
Children (4 – 12 ) € 24,95
Babies (0-4) € 0,00

One-hour cruise plus a visit to the Central Museum


Adults € 29,00
Children (13 – 17 ) € 23,00
Babies (4-12) € 10,95

Centraal Museum Utrecht

Art, design, fashion and history in the Central Museum. Breathtaking exhibitions. The most beautiful museum in Utrecht, with a sunny café and garden.

A reservation is required for this museum


The iconic Domtoren is the symbol of Utrecht and with its 112.32 meters the highest church tower in the Netherlands.

Over the past seven centuries, the Dom Tower has witnessed the joys and sorrows of Utrecht. Travel along on the basis of the most important events and discover more about this unique monument and icon of Utrecht.

At the foot of the imposing Domtoren lies the origin of Utrecht, the Domplein. From fortress to religious center to meeting place. Join us on a journey of discovery under, on and from the Domplein and marvel at the beautiful stories, special architecture and rich history.


A reservation is required for this museum

a large tall tower with a clock on the side of a building

One-hour cruise plus a visit to the Dom Tower!


Babies (0-4)


DOMunder is the historical attraction in Utrecht for young and old. Immerse yourself in the 2000 years of history of Domplein, Utrecht and the Netherlands. Grab a flashlight and embark on an underground Discovery Tour full of exciting stories and archaeological treasures.


Discover Utrecht’s Roman past, as well as the glorious Middle Ages. Experience the devastating storm of 1674 in which the nave of the Dom Church collapses and the Dom Square is created.


A reservation is required for this museum


DomUnder exploration

Duration: 75 min
Max. 22 pers.


Adults € 27,65
Children (13 – 17 ) € 24,50
Small children (4 – 12 ) € 19,95

Palace Lofen

Duration: 50 min
Max. 18 pers.


Adults € 24,50
Children (13 – 17 ) € 22,25
Small children (4 – 12 ) € 17,70
foto volksbuurtmuseum

One-hour cruise plus visit to the Volksbuurtmuseum


Adults (13+) € 20,00
Children (4 – 12 ) € 10,95 (free museumentry)
Babies (0-3 ) € 0,00


In the Volksbuurtmuseum you will experience what it was like to live in the poor circumstances of around 1920. With the interactive alley, animations, street music, street vendors’ carts, stories from former residents and smells, the historic working-class neighborhood comes to life again.

Judge for yourself whether it is the ‘good old days’. Past and present are discussed and make you think.

Reservation is not necessary


Beautiful temporary and permanent exhibitions can be seen at Museum Catharijneconvent. Discover medieval masterpieces, 17th century painting and more!


A reservation is recommended for this museum


One-hour cruise plus a visit to the Catharijneconvent


Adults € 28,25
65+ € 27,00
Children € 28,25
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One-hour cruise plus a visit to the Sonnenborgh museum and observatory


Adults € 23,58
Young adults (13 – 17 ) € 20,60
Children (4 – 12 ) € 16,05
Babies (0 – 3 ) € 0,00


Sonnenborgh museum en sterrenwacht

At the museum and observatory Sonnenborgh in Utrecht, far away comes closer. In the exhibitions and museum objects. And in the special building with its different historical layers: Sonnenborgh is an observatory from the 19th century, built on a bastion from the 16th century. The history of Sonnenborgh is rich and full of surprises. In 1930 groundbreaking research was done on the sun, which made the observatory world famous. Thanks to this research, we know what the sun is made of. In addition, the KNMI was founded here in 1854, the first botanical garden of the University of Utrecht was created here (1639) and a chemical laboratory was located in the casemates of the bastion at the end of the 17th century.

Go on a journey through the universe and the monumental building!


Reservation is not necessary